Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dr. Matthew Becker to be Removed from the Synod

Numerous posts have been written on this blog over the years reflecting on and reacting to the teachings of Dr. Matthew Becker.  One post even ruminated on why he remained within the LCMS.  As of July 15 he will no longer be on the clergy roster of the Missouri Synod.  If interested you may read about this turn of events here on Dr. Becker's own blog.  He will be joining an ELCA parish, something many of us felt would be a much more appropriate 'fit' for his theological views and beliefs.  In all honesty I was frustrated over these last few years as I read the many papers and posts he authored and wondered how this could be tolerated in the Synod.  Perhaps what confused me even more was realizing that he was trained and educated as a pastor in the same system as I was, albeit at different seminaries. 

There should never be rejoicing over such events as if someone won and another lost.  It was the prayer of many that Dr. Becker would change his views and repent of those teachings felt to be at variance with the official doctrine of the LCMS.  That said, his departure officially closes the chapter on this blog that addressed his teachings.  My interest lay in the fact that we were both rostered in the same synod.  Now that he his leaving for the ELCA my need to post any further with regard to his views ends.