Friday, May 25, 2007

Creation Museum and American Beliefs

In the few moments I was able to catch the news headlines on ABC this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a feature on the new Creation Museum opening this weekend in Petersberg, Kentucky. This is a project of Ken Ham's Answer's in Genesis organization. I was also surprised when they quoted a poll result on the number of Americans that actually believe in a six day creation: 60%.

The museum, which is a high-tech $27 million facility, aims to present the ancient pre-history of the world in light of biblical truth. To that end they have included dinosaur exhibits which combine the presence of man, a view not held by secular scientists who claim that the big lizards died out millions of years prior to the arrival of homo sapiens.

Obviously there are critics of the new museum. Mainline teachers and scientists are fearful that the high-tech presentation will too easily influence young impressionable minds, who might now - heaven forbid! - question the scientific veracity of classic evolutionary theory.

They need not fear too much, however. The public school still maintains a large monopoly of influence in matters scientific when it comes to education. Still, the quoted poll results should give them pause to think about what these little minds really believe, and how their teaching is directed to dismantling it.

You can read the brief ABC news story on this on their site here.

Post script: I had the opportunity to hear Ken Ham speak at a pastor's conference a few years back here in Wisconsin. He is an engaging and convincing spokesman and apologist for a young-earth creation belief. I purchased some of the books from his organization, which are very readable and informative.

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