Monday, March 3, 2008

Guilty of a False Defense

Northwoods Seelsorger has finally caught the attention of the press. Well, not the mainstream press, as such (I'm really not that important!), but at least a smaller religious weekly called Christian News. In an article from the February 25 edition entitled "The Jesus Hoax: the LCMS Teaching Incarnational Theology," author Jack Cascione accuses me of falsely defending "incarnational" as a valid word. For those who may not have read my original article responding to the issue (which he references), you may find it here.

While I am tempted to develop a detailed response defending my position, I am content to allow the original article to stand on its own. Not only that, the issue really isn't my own. I only responded. I only called for reasonableness. With all due respect I believe that Pastor Cascione has taken his concerns about this word well beyond the reasonable, creating an issue where none should exist. This is especially so when he equates the use of this word by those at the two seminaries as examples of false doctrine. To wit: "We now offer just three examples from the President of the LCMS and the Presidents of the two LCMS Seminaries describing Jesus as less than God" (emphasis mine; page 8).

I believe that the given presidents can defend their own words, so I won't take time here to do so. But lest Pastor Cascione think that I likewise am describing Jesus as less than God by merely using or defending the use of the word "incarnational," I recommend he reconsider how much he reads into what is not actually true. Such has never been my confession. Jesus is the true God, period. Enough said. It probably didn't need that much attention to begin with......

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