Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Was the State Right to Interfere?

Granted, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is anything but orthodox Christian, or it would appear, 'orthodox' Mormon. And yes, their polygamous lifestyle involving what appears to be child brides is disturbing. Yet, don't they have a right to practice their faith as they choose in a country where religious freedom is so widely touted?

They do, to a point. However, God has established the Left Kingdom for the general good of all people, especially when it comes to the protection of our physical health and welfare. If only one child was victimized within the walls of this secretive compound (Yearning for Zion Ranch), they are obligated to respond. In fact, I would want them to respond. A child is especially helpless in the face of a stronger adult.

One certainly is sensitive to these mothers who feel unjustly separated from their children. What mother would not? Yet, even from the brief news reports it is becoming increasingly clear that these mothers may not be willing to see the problems their children face, or the unhealthy realities of this bizarre situation. The few women interviewed appeared as if they were controlled and brainwashed to believe that the sect was a healthy and normal place. Put under sufficient stress people will often fall victim to irrational devotion to even the most abusive behavior. Personally, I think that some see the problems, but many cannot comprehend it due to the domineering influence of the cult.

The cult can believe what it wishes. But it cannot harm people and it cannot violate the law of the land, especially when that law is in accordance with God's own will.


City Mouse said...

Excellent post and great thoughts. Although I sometimes may not agree with what other folks think or practice, I try to remember that my opinion is not necessarily the correct one. Thanks for the thought provoking posts! I must remember to check in more often!

Carl Vehse said...

Yet, don't they have a right to practice their faith as they choose in a country where religious freedom is so widely touted?

Back when the U.S. was nominally a Christian nation (in publicly perceived Christian morality, such as monogamy, if not in doctrine), Congress rejected statehood for Utah until they doctrinally rejected polygamy, which the Mormons did... with some fingercrossing.

The actions against the Mormon cult in Texas are consistent with that original U.S. moral position, though today it is not surprising to see California court justices wallowing in every kind of perversion.