Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can Those Who Cheat Be Trusted?

In Dear Abby yesterday a series of letters continued a discussion on cheating in school, a disturbing reality with implications far beyond the classroom. I clipped the article to save for use with my youth group, realizing the topic has huge implications for young Christian people especially. However, one of those responding to the topic caught my attention with his simple, but powerful observation. For young people just thinking about their careers and future lives, this bears remembering the next time they are tempted to cheat:

"DEAR ABBY: After teaching in public and private schools for 44 years, I believe that most students are honest the majority of the time. However, I would advise 'Valedictorian' to pay attention. Make mental notes of the names of her classmates who cheat every chance they get. Do not forget who they are. She will be meeting them all the rest of her life.

If they go into business, shop elsewhere. If they become bankers, put your money elsewhere. If they go into the service industries, get your car or your teeth repaired somewhere else.

Above all, do not let your siblings marry one of them - marriage is the biggest 'test' of all. - E.B. LINDEN. ALA."

Habitual cheating reveals a character that is not trustworthy. If a student cheats on a math test in school, what is to say they will not employ such tactics in the 'real world'? No doubt this explains part of the frustration I am having with couples today who have such a hard time remaining faithful to the promise they made at the altar, or those who simply can't bring themselves to make one, yet live as if they are married - Maybe they know deep down that many people today compromise their integrity and can't be trusted - even themselves!

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