Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reason vs. Faith??

It seems that there is the belief out there among some that faith is a purely subjective experience entirely divorced from reason. On "The View" the other day someone again made that claim, one I seem to be running across more frequently. To be fair, I understand how some arrive at this conclusion, especially if they have concluded that what faith is based upon is pure myth. If you do not acknowledge the premise, then the only conclusion is that faith is mere subjective opinion or wish.

However, those who have concluded this a priori have neglected to examine the objective evidence of the faith claim - i.e. historical documents that underly the claim. If a faith claim (in this case Christian) asserts that it is based on objective, historical facts that can be authenticated and examined, then the claim deserves to be heard and reasonably debated on those terms. Christianity has not divorced reason from faith, but understands that reason can be wrongly used. Typically we speak of its use as either magisterial or ministerial. If reason rises above the faith it informs, it ultimately replaces it. That is the magisterial use of reason.

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