Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seminex Grads and DayStar

I stumbled on an interesting sentence from Dr. Ed Schroeder on his Crossings website that was quite revealing. Many have long suspected that remnants of Seminex remained ensconced within Missouri long after the "Walk Out." And many have seen the theology of those who left linger around in far corners of the Synod, and in more recent years reappear in more visible ways and more prominent sectors. Northwoods Seelsorger occasionally reviews articles on the DayStar site, noting the liberal perspectives there that seem to have more in common with the ELCA than the LCMS. Even though these folks perport to be defenders of the true Missouri, their words say otherwise. It is Seminex in thinly and not so thinly veiled disguise.

In an article noting the success and evidence of "Seminex theology" 35 years later, Schroeder remarks:

"A major place, better, THE major place, where Seminex theology is operative today is shown in those numbers Ralph Klein just told us about: Seminex grads as rostered pastors. In ELCA 372. In LCMS 110. What we've all been hearing from such folks at this get-together is solid testimony of that. And those 110 in the Missouri Synod! That was a surprise for me. I knew a number of "our folks" were major movers in the DayStar crowd of promissio-confessors in the LCMS, but I didn't know the total number was so large."

Now this is from Ed Schroeder, not some right-wing conspiracy blog. Take it for what it's worth.....

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