Saturday, January 22, 2011

President Dean Wenthe to Retire

Some of you no doubt have heard that the Rev. Dr. Dean O. Wenthe has announced his retirement as president of Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne.  He has served "the Fort" as president now for 15 years, and at age 66 I can well understand why he would consider this move. Amazingly he has been in the ministry now for 40 years, having graduated from Concordia, St. Louis in 1971.  I remember him as a professor when I was a student there 23+ years ago, although I never had the privilege of studying under him.  He always impressed me as a very approachable and gentle man.  My last encounter with him involved introducing him to an ELCA pastor who now serves a congregation where he did his vicarage.  It was during one of the symposia a few years back and I wanted this young confessional ELCA man to have a chance to meet Wenthe.  Dr. Wenthe was quite gracious and willingly took time at this reception to visit with my friend.  In some small way I suspect it has helped in encouraging him in his long journey to eventually leave the ELCA one day.  CTS has been fortunate to have him at the helm these last several years.  Despite the sometimes unpredictable political climate in the Synod during his tenure, he guided the seminary in such a way as to ensure its continued valued place in the LCMS.  I pray that whoever follows him will serve "the Fort" as faithfully.  

You can read more about his retirement and service in the article posted January 19 by the Ft.Wayne News-Sentinel. 

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