Saturday, February 12, 2011

Presbyterians Weigh in on Gay Clergy

It's only a small meeting of about 75 representatives from central and northeastern Wisconsin.  Nevertheless, their meeting today, about an hour drive from my home, will decide to support or oppose homosexuality within Presbyterian leadership.  According to the Associated Press a majority of the 173 Presbyterian regional organizations must ratify or reject the issue.  The Wausau Daily Herald interviewed the local Presbyterian pastor for his reaction, and he indicated that prohibiting people from serving the church based on sexual orientation "runs contrary to Christian theology that no one is perfect."  Come again?  I hope that the paper simply misinterpreted or misunderstood what he said.  If this is accurate, I guess it means two things, neither of which will certainly be acceptable to either side: 1.) homosexuality is a human imperfection, and 2.) homosexuality is an imperfection no different than any other physical or psychological abnormality common to man, but not prohibitive to competent functioning.  Oh, and don't forget, that is part of "Christian theology."  I'm lost.....

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