Monday, August 8, 2011

Luther and the Confessions Used to Argue 'Gay is O.K.'

Dr. Ed Schroeder of the Crossings website certainly represents the left side of Lutheran thinking.  Thus, one should not be surprised if he champions liberal topics and issues (e.g. women's ordination, ecumenism, etc.), or if he refuses to embrace items like the inerrancy or infallibility of Holy Scripture.  After all, Dr. Schroeder left the LCMS many years ago in disagreement over many of those very issues.  It did seem surprising, however, to see his willingness not only to support homosexuality, but to allow the argument that the Confessions and Luther could be used to defend the idea that a person is "wired to be gay."  The thinking asserts that Luther would discuss the issue from the point of view of this theology of Creation (First Article) and given his opposition to forced celibacy in the priesthood would find homosexuality simply a 'left kingdom' item outside of the dictates of Scripture.  I would encourage readers to review the article "Topic: Gay is OK.  An Argument from the Lutheran Confessions. What!?" a reflection on Mary Zeiss Stange's article "When it comes to gays, 'What would Luther do?"  Since Dr. Matthew Becker lists Crossings under his "Recommended Blogs and Links," it may well give additional insight into his own willingness to support such theological thinking. It also gives insight into the way liberal Lutherans and others defend their position on homosexuality in the ministry. 

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