Saturday, November 26, 2011

DayStar Journal Publishes Fall Articles

In the continued interest of keeping all informed of theological discussions on both sides of the fence within Missourian circles, please note that the Daystar Journal has published a new set of articles for the fall. I have not had a chance to fully read and review all of them, and will report my reflections as time and opportunity allow.  After going to the Daystar Journal site click on "Recent Articles" for the current selection.

The introduction to the articles, however, indicates that the journal has decided to tackle topics in a "social gospel' direction this time around, a theme reminiscent of the 70's.  Still, the first article by David Domsch begins the offerings by taking a direct swipe at the LCMS under the accusation that it is a synod run entirely by fear.  After reading this brief selection one would be led to believe that Missouri is a dictatorial state.  Domsch also takes aim at the seminaries, which he obviously believes are failing to fulfill their duty.  He states: "We spend more to educate a single pastor than any other denomination in the US – with too often questionable results."  Ouch!  It would be interesting to have him expand on this accusation and help us understand how miserably our newer pastors are faring out there.  I suspect his problems are with those who come out with a conservative bent and run contrary to the Daystar philosophy of ecumenical openness and theological liberalism.  

It is a shame that the positive efforts of Missouri in the area of mercy could not at least be acknowledged.  While we are feeding the hungry and assisting the devastated throughout the world, we must be chastised now for not being political activists trying to change policies in Washington.  Under President Harrison's leadership over the years we have made tremendous strides in being a leader in diakonal ministry.  Too bad charity would not allow this to at least be noted in passing....

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