Monday, February 9, 2015

Update on Thesis

In about seven days the deadline arrives for my first draft to be submitted.  Originally I was aiming to meet that date.  At present the thesis is over 60 pages and part one is fairly well finished, except for editing.  If I stayed up late every night and burned the candle at both ends I might have made it.  But I'm not sure it would be the level of quality I want.  Furthermore, why is this date critical?  If I want to go through the commencement exercises in the spring it is necessary to meet this deadline.  However, there is nothing in my life requiring this to be done this spring.  Even if some opportunity opened up, having the actual certificate in my hand would not be essential, provided I met the requirement of the degree, which I hope to do by summer's end.  For now I have a lot of reading to accomplish for part 2......

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