Monday, August 31, 2015

Update on Thesis

As of August 26 I finally finished the reviewed stage of my rough draft:  106 pages of research, 3/8 of an inch thick, clearly the longest paper I have ever written.  It now awaits being proofread by my wife, then submitted to the assigned readers at Nashotah House.  After their review with predicted suggestions for revision, I will revise and then schedule the defense.  I hope this all can be accomplished well before the first of the new year. 

According to past posts I finished up my course work back in the summer of 2011, a long 4 years ago.  About that time and stretching over the next couple of years I wrestled with the proposal phase, eventually completing a total of two different thesis proposals, totaling over 40 additional pages of work. My final proposal was submitted in the Spring of 2013, over two years ago.  It appears that I was finally able to start writing around August of 2013, once I received the green light from my adviser.  I probably could have finished sooner, but last summer unexpectedly delayed my progress because of other presentations and writing commitments.  However, I am now on the home stretch.  For any who have followed this and forgot the rather fascinating and captivating nature of my research (o.k. more than a bit of hyperbole there...), here is the title: "A Study of the Influence of the Church's Liturgical Forms on the Literary Structure and Content of the Apocalypse of St. John."   I wonder how many people will find it on the shelves of Nashotah's library in the years to come....

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