Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christian Denomination Selector

I discovered the Christian Denomination Selector over on Pr. Peterson's blog (CyberStones), and decided to take it for myself. It asks you a series of questions on doctrine and practice and then ranks a series of denominations that may best suit your confession. My results were:
#1 - LCMS
#2 - ELS
#3 - EO
#4 - RC

It appears that I was virtually the same as Peterson. As he pointed out later in his comments, the weight you attach to the importance of the given question (low, med. high) probably has a lot to do with your eventual results. Someone also noted that such polls reflect what a church body teaches "on paper," or its formal confession, not what is actually practice. True enough. Nevertheless it is nice to see that according to this little poll I'm a fit for where I am.....for now.....I think.....

Take the poll yourself. It takes only a few minutes. Give it a minute to load. The questions will probably appear below your initial screen after all the advertisements. Let me know your results!


Mike said...

I'm cleansed! Pastor Schaaf will be proud. I have been a life-long Presbyterian (PCA) until about 4 months ago. I took the real Lord's Supper for the first time Sept. 20th (the day before my 48th birthday). My results?

#1 - LCMS (yeeeHAA)
#2 - ELC
#3 - RC
#4 - Eastern Orthodox

... oh, and the PCA? It was #12 :o)

D. Engebretson said...

Way to go! Congratulations! Nice to have you among the Lutherans.