Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Blessed Christmas to All!

I am about to go over for our annual Sunday School Christmas Pageant and watch the children tell the ancient, but timeless story of the birth of God's Son. For some it will simply be another 'cute moment,' and the deeper message will be lost on the gazing onlookers. But I am hoping that after all those practices of reciting the passages, that the children have internalized this story deep within their hearts. It's hard to get kids to memorize anything these days. Yet, as with the liturgy, 'repetition is the mother of all learning.' We do this pageant every other year, and the script was put together by me several years ago. It is virtually all quotations from the gospels.

At any rate, this post was originally intended for a much simpler purpose: To wish any who have been frequenting my humble little blog a very blessed and joy-filled Christmas. May you be comforted by the knowledge that the one born this night is our Savior from sin and death, the greatest Good News of all time!

Merry Christmas!

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