Friday, December 8, 2006

Weedon's Thoughts for Pastors

I am writing two posts today, aware that I may not get to the computer much tomorrow. There is a brief antlerless season for the next few days, and since I did not fill my tag, I'm thinking of giving it one more shot.....

At any rate, I ran across a nice post in Weedon's Blog entitled "Weedon's Miscellaneous Thoughts for New Pastors." I think that it offers much good thought for seasoned pastors as well. His insights betray a pastor with experience. I appreciate his true love and sensitivity to the parish and the sheep under the shepherd's care. All pastors would do well in reading his list. I will be the first to confess that I am not doing all that is on his list. It's not that I disagree. It's simply more a matter of sinful human flesh. His reading list of Luther's House Postils, Chemnitz, Walther, the Book of Concord and the Father is a good summary. I have these in my library, but, again, confess that my reading of them is inadeqate and insufficient. Maybe Weedon's words will spur me on to more.

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