Saturday, April 14, 2007

We Receive only His Body and Blood and Not Him? Huh?

Back in March the Concord site again addressed an issue that has been bugging them: Lutherans should not refer to recieving Jesus Himself in the Sacrament, but only his body and blood - if I'm understanding them correctly. Check out their review of one of CPH's children's books on the Lord's Supper here. They take issue with the author's phrase "This Jesus places His real self in the bread and wine - the real presence - for us."

Now I may be dense, but when did we as Lutherans start talking about the body and blood of Christ apart from his actual presence? I'm lost. I didn't think that you could separate the two. Yet those who take issue with the book above accuse those of speaking this way of leaning toward Rome. Huh? I'm lost.

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Rev. Shane R. Cota said...

If you're dense, then so am I, because I am completely mystified by this "controversy." How do you "divie-up" Jesus like that?