Monday, October 29, 2007

Corum Deo Symposium

Last night I attended a brief symposium in a neighboring town sponsored by a new Lutheran devotional society called Coram Deo (L: "face to face with God"). Their featured speaker was a classmate of mine, the Rev. Peter Bender, pastor of Peace Lutheran Church and Academy in Sussex, WI, and founder of the Concordia Catechetical Academy. Pastor Bender spoke on the theme of home and personal devotions. The evening's session was preceded by a candle light vespers service, a wonderful closure to the day's Reformation celebration. Personally I benefited greatly from Pastor Bender's insightful Bible study on the Syrophonecian women with the demon-possessed daughter (as a lesson on faith and prayer), as well as a review of Lutheran resources for personal prayer.

Bender reviewed the devotional resources he uses in his parish and school, and they are impressive. They also sound a bit overwhelming. Many of our churches are light years away from the discipline he has established, and sometimes can barely even maintain a Lutheran piety at all. However, the work he does in promoting a revival of genuine Lutheran catechesis is commendable. We can hope that such a renewal in the devotional life of the Lutheran church continues to increase.

BTW, Bender will be presenting the second volume of Dr. David Scaer's writings at the annual Symposia in Ft. Wayne this January. The first volume contained sermons, while this second one features more of his popular writings and and articles.

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