Monday, June 23, 2008

JesusFirst Changing Its Tune?

Don't be misled by the title. It's kind of a rhetorical question anticipating a negative answer. In their latest June issue, the LCMS political group JesusFirst leads off with an article entitled "Participate Fully in the Next Round of Elections." What they are referring to is the round of district elections, the schedule of which is posted on their website. I find it interesting to read their latest advice, especially in light of what I have observed over the years, especially the 2004 Synodical convention. They write: "External - and even internal - efforts to shape the elective process don't fare well." Really? Does this mean they learned from their decisive victories in 2004 and 2007 and their extremely overt efforts to "shape the elective process" in the past, and now want to just let things take their course? You mean the posted schedule of district conventions is purely to keep people informed and they feel no vested political interest in the outcome? Right. Note carefully this line in the District Convention Schedule:

"Districts with an (*) are those districts that will be electing either a professional church worker or a lay person to the LCMS Committee on Convention Nominations. The Committee on Convention Nominations is an extremely important one. If your district will be electing someone to this important committee, we encourage you to work for the election of someone who will work to nominate 'Gospel-centered, mission-driven, and future oriented' leaders for our Synod. "

Funny how that line is left out of the article in the printed newsletter sent to the synod. Maybe just an oversight? Note well: The JF operatives are to "work for the election" of the people they want. Yet remember, they don't want any "external - or internal - efforts to shape the elective process." And try this one: "we want to remind us all that it's best when 'the office seeks the man/woman' and not the reverse." Right. And I'm going to be elected to the office of District President this year......

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