Thursday, July 24, 2008

God's Timing

After 21 years of ministry I continue to be amazed at God's timing. Yesterday as I was planning out my day I debated about going to a nearby city for some hospital visits. However, I realized that I was also at that point where I needed to catch up with shut-in visits. Since I had to take my daughter into work and didn't want to waste gas, I ended up deciding to visit a shut-in south of town. Well, long story short, later in the day I received a phone call from this elderly woman's daughter informing me that she had suffered a serious stroke and was non-responsive. At this point I am unsure of her longterm prognosis, but at nearly 94 years of age it does not look very promising. Still, I couldn't help but recall how I almost chose to visit someone else that day, and unaware of God's plans for this woman my travel was redirected to this child of God in need of the Sacrament for what may prove to be the last time in this life. These divine travel and plan adjustments have happened at other times throughout the years, and I have quietly learned that my ministry is not my own to direct, but is, as it always has been, in God's control. And for that I am quite thankful.


Bob Hunter said...

I see the same thing occasionally too. Strengthens your faith, doesn't it? Even yesterday a post by Gene Edward Veith coincided perfectly with something discussed yesterday in Bible study. And going through to become a pastor at my age was DEFINITELY not my idea! But a long series of circumstances (so-called coincidences) and things people said have made it obvious that this is the direction I'm to go.

Don Engebretson said...

Yes, it certainly encourages my faith!

BTW, the dear child of God referenced here passed away early this morning. The sacrament she received on Wednesday was her last. God was indeed preparing her for her departure from this life in the most powerful way. I spoke her final benediction at her bedside at about 4:30 a.m. with family present.