Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Limits of Dial-Up

Recently the good news was announced that Issues, Etc. was back. When it departed I shared the grief that a good, solid Lutheran program was no more. Still, my grief was tempered by the fact that my only connection was the journal I received in the mail (which was excellent, BTW.) You see, I am not in St. Louis, and ---I have dial-up. All those You-Tube tack-ons that people include in their blogs go unnoticed by me, because by the time they load I have added yet one more gray hair to my beard. Unless I was willing to pay the rather steep rates demanded by satellite (which I am not), the only hope is that someone will put a tower out here in the hinterlands with a strong enough signal that I can actually enjoy high-speed (or upgrade the existing ones.)

It's funny how the word "dial-up" used to refer to a phone with a real dial that you turned with your finger to make a call. How times have changed. (If you are too young to remember one of these ancient artifacts, there's a picture to the right of one I used even into my adult years - Imagine that!)

At any rate, if you are one of the few that hasn't heard of the resurrection of Issues, and you have the internet technology to enjoy it, go here. Then tell me how wonderful it is so I can drool on my keyboard.


Dizziness said...

Here's hoping for the 700 MHz auction benefits the rural user.

Bob Hunter said...

I didn't know dial-up still existed! Just have the LWML do a fund-raiser dinner to pay for a DSL or cable line for you - you'll have the money in no time.

Don Engebretson said...

I just added a picture of a rotary dial up phone to prove they really existed at one time and you can still find picture of them on the web!

Bob Hunter said...

Next thing you're going to try and tell me is that they had phones with cranks on them at one time!