Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Insights on Reactions to The Creator's Tapestry

Rather than add yet another addendum to my post a day or so ago, I thought a separate, though, brief post was in order. Unfortunately it seems I'm a bit of a latecomer to the discussions surrounding the CTCR document The Creator's Tapestry. For those still interested in the topic and the points already raised in the previous post, I would recommend taking a moment to 'drop in' on the discussion over at the ALPB's Forum Online dedicated to this very topic. Of special interest to me throughout the discussion (which I admittedly skimmed) was the perspective of Marie Meyer, a longtime voice in the LCMS regarding the role of women in the church. Although she references the site I mentioned in my previous post, she does not seem to come completely clean on her overall perspective or her ultimate goals. After pages and pages of discussion it was apparent they were indeed going "around in circles" and unable to fully agree on where it was all supposed to lead. For her part Mrs. Meyer carefully and consistently avoided taking the discussion in the direction of the Ordination of Women. That was not her point, she insisted. Yet, it is hard to avoid the fact that the very website set up to comment on this CTCR document (and supposedly the points she raises on the Forum) includes book recommendations and authors who make the case for the ordination of women nonetheless. Obviously the site, which uses The Creator's Tapestry as a convenient cover (or jumping off point) for other intentions, is simply the new and improved reincarnation of Voices/Vision since removed from cyberspace. The elephant in the middle of the room isn't so invisible folks. They are talking about it and promoting it and I personally believe that the goal of women's ordination is still very much on the table. Or am I still missing something here?

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