Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Worship and History

"We Americans are a-historical.  Most of us know very little about history and probably care even less...Unfortunately, most churches in this country have the same mentality.  This is especially true of conservative Protestant churches...Unfortunately, when it comes to worship, there is a terrible price to pay for this attitude.  When we cut ourselves off from the rich treasury of resources and from the collective spirituality of God's people through the ages, we diminish our vision of God.  We isolate ourselves from what God would do in the world through his church."
From Robert Webber, Signs of Wonder: The Phenomenon of Convergence in Modern Liturgical and Charismatic Churches (Nashville: Abbot-Martyn, 1992), 9-10 - Quoted from Dr. Timothy Maschke's book, Gathered Guests: A Guide to Lutheran Worship

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