Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Comments Are Worth Saving

While searching for a review of works by Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, an acknowledged agnostic and seeming enemy of Christian truth, I ran across a comment I simply had to save and share here.  It has to do with the value of atheism.  I'll let the commenter, John Murphy, speak for himself:

It is certainly true that Mr. Ehrman is inimical to historical Christianity, and through his books is trying to destroy confidence in the Scriptures (good luck at that Bart). What I find...curious about guys like him and this web page is their eagerness to draw others along with them. To what end, I wonder. Why are you so worked up about what you obviously believe is a myth? Why waste so much energy? Especially when your own alternative is so bleak. We live, we die, we rot. Wow, now there's a worldview that should catch on quickly.

It reminds me of the penguins in the movie Madagascar. They spend the whole movie in an intense, excited attempt to stow away on a ship for Antarctica. They succeed! The last view of them they are all standing in a bleak ice scape in Antarctica in a snowstorm and one of them says, "well this sucks." Yep, I think that's a pretty good illustration of the end of atheism.

The comment was from the blog Debunking Christianity.


Anonymous said...

well, why? the same reason satan wants to drag others to hell with him, the same reason people ask others to join them in their sin, let's drink, let's beat someone, let's... it's called solidarity of sin. when they have a good thing, they keep it for themselves, but when it's sin they want others to join them...

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