Monday, June 3, 2013

Uniformed Scouts March in Gay Pride Parade

After the Boy Scouts of America lifted its historic ban on openly gay scouts, many Christians indicated deep disappointment and concern.  Some, including many Baptists, are now talking about cutting ties with the organization all together.  As an adult scout leader I have concerns as well and am contimplating my own actions once the ban lift officially takes effect in January of next year.

However, many had to be equally stunned by the recent report of uniformed scouts and adult leaders taking part in a gay pride parade in Salt Lake City.  As one who wears not only the uniform of the BSA, but also of my volunteer fire department, my initial anger was over the politizing of the uniform itself.  But my additional concern is how the flood gates have opened and this once esteemed youth organization now appears vulnerable to all the political social activism seen elsewhere.  The idea was to be neutral, but the move has only invited a tsunami of potential change that the Boy Scouts could not have imagined just a short while ago.  I am fearful that the organization I once respected and admired has gone down a path I couldn't possibly follow. 

You can read more of this parade here.

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