Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Thesis Saga

It's been a while since I posted on the progress of my thesis.  Unfortunately it's taken a while to get through the proposal phase.  My first proposal simply didn't work, and although my advisors were kind in their contructive comments, I could see that the topic was mired in a swamp of ideas and wasn't going to gain the traction it needed.  So I started over.  Practically from scratch.  A thesis or even a dissertation on the lectionary issues surrounding the Apocalypse of St. John still retains much potential, but it was too much work for what I need to accomplish right now.

I submitted my revised proposal this past spring, but with the usual complexities of forms and paperwork coupled with the inevitable confusion of changing staff, it slowed down considerably.  Finally, I was told by the advisor of my program (which has changed a couple of times since I started in 2010) just to start writing, which my thesis advisor had told me at the beginning of the summer.  And I have.  So far I'm only on the eighth page, but I am attempting to understand Massey Shepherd's work, which has taken a bit more effort than I initially anticipating (and I'm also a working pastor and circuit counselor and active father and husband....).  For those so interested, here is the final working title: "A Study of the Influence of the Church's Liturgical Forms on the Literary Stucture of the Apocalypse of St. John."  I'll keep you posted on the progress.....

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Bernice Richardson said...

So, how was the progress of your thesis, Donald? I pretty sure that the saga still continues, and I hope that it would be over soon (in a good way that is). Thesis writing can really be tedious and hard, but it should be a reason for some student to just quit the journey because of it. Anyway, wish you luck on your journey, or may I say saga!