Friday, October 9, 2009

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - Part 2

Some reading this post may honestly wonder: Where is "Part 1"? - Especially if you have not followed this blog for very long. "Part 1," as such, was my original article on the Ben Stein film "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," posted on July 9, 2008. It received a surprising total of 23 comments, a record unmatched by subsequent posts on this blog. My suspicion is that it was more or less 'hijacked' at the time by some who were actively searching out blogs and sites that positively supported this film, defensive of its claims for Intelligent Design, and its critique of the modern scientific enterprise as it exists in mainstream academia today.

At the time of the original posting over a year ago I had yet to see or view the film, as I willingly admitted. This evening, thanks to my son who secured a copy for us to see from an inter-library loan, I finally watched the entire DVD along with my son and wife. Indeed, it is a powerful and convincing documentary, in particular with respect to its critique of the philosophical closed-mindedness of the Evolutionary luminaries, Richard Dawkins being chief among them. I now understand more clearly the defensiveness of the comments to that original blog article, since Ben Stein strikes directly at the heart of a system that sees the scientific enterprise with respect to Evolution and origins as a closed box where the fundamental questions are all answered and debate is meaningless. To openly question Evolution, or aspects of this view, is seen as scientific heresy, or to put it the way Dawkins might, sheer lunacy or idiocy. Stein's willingness to entertain thoughts on the implications of Evolution to society itself was also hard hitting, especially the parts examining the Nazi regime and its devotion to Evolutionary belief.

I stand behind the original blog post and second the observations made at the time. More than that, I now heartily recommend a viewing of the film for anyone interested in seeing behind the veil of political correctness as it has hamstrung the scientific world today. Watch it for yourself and see if Mr. Stein's clarion call for freedom does not awaken something in you as well.

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