Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Hollywood Moral Standards are Simply a Waxen Nose

In Hollywood sex is simply something to be used, abused, and exploited. Seeing it as a gift of God to be cherished and protected within the sacred bonds of marriage remains an entirely foreign and despised c0ncept. The circumstances under which one might scrutinize whether a particular sexual behavior is right and moral depends entirely on the personality in question. Enter Roman Polanski, the great film director who admitted to unlawful and inappropriate sex with a minor over 30 years ago who he drugged in the process. Who then fled the country to avoid punishment. And who now wonders why anyone feels a need to prosecute him all these years later. Along with 110 other Hollywood stars who recently signed a petition opposing his arrest and extradition back to the U.S. "Filmmakers in France, in Europe, in the United States and around the world are dismayed by the decision," the petition reported. Their outrage was directed at the fact that authorities would have the gall to arrest such a famous person at an event where he was being honored.

Now let me get this straight. Because Mr. Polanski is famous, and because he is admired by many in the film industry, one should treat him with greater deference when it comes to serious crime. We all know that if a normal unknown citizen of the country was convicted of the same crime the outrage against them in the media would be deafening. Yet if the man is a president, or a film producer, or a star, the standards change. Just like a waxen nose, twisted to suit the desires of the moment.

The issue of Mr. Polanski's overdue arrest highlights in bold colors the heart of the issue many of us face in our culture and time when it comes to sex. Many, if not the vast majority, who come to me to be married today are openly living together. What dismays me most of all, though, is the seemingly indifference to the divine moral standard that used to govern and protect marriage and its gift of sex. Has the world so entered the church that the simplest of moral standards no longer apply? Also recently noted in the news is the furor over the David Letterman and the extortion case. Now there are some who are wondering about the possibility of sexual harassment on his part. Yet Letterman, even while he seems to be admitting his sin, is also making light of it at the same time. The world will quickly forgive and forget the affair, realizing that sex outside of marriage under any circumstances is simply the way we live today. A desire to be fulfilled. Then move on to the next "partner." Stay clear of commitments. Be careful of making too many promises. Sex is just a physical release and is little different than stopping by the local bar for a drink after work.

The church exists within a very different culture than was known by our forefathers. Out task to let the light of God's Word shine remains a difficult calling.

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