Saturday, July 10, 2010

For Convention Updates

If you are confessionally-minded and wish to have regular updates on the LCMS convention now underway, I would recommend going to this site. You can subscribe and have updates sent to you via regular email on a daily basis. It will be much better reading than any that would be provided by Jesus First! :)

For the record I am hoping to see the Rev. Matthew Harrison elected as the new president of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. From what I hear the elections could be as early as tomorrow, although they are supposedly scheduled for Tuesday. It's all in the Lord's hands now.

How do I feel about the convention overall? Hard to say. The Blue Ribbon Committee recommendations for synodical overhaul concern me, and I've written elsewhere about those concerns. To some degree the changes seem inevitable, although I certainly don't want to be a fatalist in that regard. I'm content to wait and see what this week brings. Like most changes, good and bad, we'll adapt and make it work even if we didn't want them to occur.

Personally, as the duly elected alternate pastoral delegate for my circuit, I'm glad that the regular delegate is going. I had my fun in '04 and one convention is plenty for several years. I want to remain optimistic about the future of my synod, and I know that Harrison has provided that encouragement for the confessionally-minded. If he doesn't win, then what? I'm not sure. That's another day and another post......

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Jeff said...

Thank you for posting this. I put a Convention page on our website which includes a bunch of links including the gavel to gavel coverage. I thought the election for President was the first day of the convention? Pastor Henrickson did an excellent job of explaining the resolutions here, Pray God's Will this week!