Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorting It All Out

As initial reports on the LCMS Convention filter in from various sources, I find myself with a variety of reactions. On one level I am confused trying to answer the ultimate Lutheran question, "What does this mean?" What is the impact on the church and its mission? I'll be honest, I'm simply not completely sure. One thing I do see is that the structure of what I once knew as the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod seems to be changing and transforming before my very eyes. The other day, if I understand it correctly, many of the elected boards, such as World Relief and Human Care, may have simply gone out of existence, being replaced by the new creation of two overarching organizations for home and foreign missions. As I suspected, the proposed changes for the Blue Ribbon Committee on structure are being passed. The margins may be slim, but they are being passed. This undoubtedly may go down as the real event of this convention, and not the elections on which we usually focus our attention.

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