Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today represents yet another first. At Evensong this afternoon I will be formally "matriculated" into Nashotah House Theological Semnary. In all my years of education I have never gone through a ceremony, as such, to enter an institution. Apparently in England, at places such as Oxford, this is standard fare. From the instructions given to me this morning I will kneel and formally sign the matriculation book in the presence of the dean of students. There is also some brief rite as well. They tell me that there are two books of matriculation, one going back well into the 1800's. Leave it to the Anglicans to bring a lot of good tradition, pomp, and ceremony to the occasion!

Re: the picture - This was entitled "signing the book" and is an example from one of their matriculations. Don't worry, though, I won't be overstepping any fellowship boundaries as a good Missouri Synod pastor. It's not really an act of worship, although Anglicans give all things a rather 'holy' appearance :)

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