Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Blessed Christmas to All!

It is hard to believe that this is now the fifth Christmas for this humble little blog. Looking back I am amazed at the journey and thankful for the interaction of the readers over the years. As I type these words onto a computer screen that will appear next to my photographed digital image, I am also reminded of the limits in this two-dimensional world in which I have long interacted, and filled with renewed wonderment in the greater mystery and miracle of the incarnation which we celebrate this day. God came into our world, taking on real flesh, close enough to touch and see. In a day when so much of what we experience is through the medium of a virtual reality, the greater reality of the enfleshment of the divine in the person of Jesus brings a unique comfort to the struggling believer. This morning, in just a couple of hours, I will kneel at the altar and receive on my hands the very body of Jesus Christ, the God made flesh. I will lift the chalice to my lips and drink the very blood of my Lord for the forgiveness of my sins. Along with my people I will stand on the threshold between heaven and earth, worshiping in the true presence of the Almighty, united with the communion of saints with whom I likewise join my praises on this holy day. Nothing digital here today. Nothing separating me from the realities of God's gifts. Direct interaction with the divine. This is what the shepherds experienced over two millenia ago. This morning I, too, will stand at the manager and worship the newborn King. What a blessing!

May all who read these words here this day be similarly blessed. My greatest wish for you on this Christmas morn is to pray that you will "taste and see that the Lord is good," worshiping in His gracious presence, hear his living word, and feast upon the Eucharistic meal in anticipation of the wedding banquet in the eschaton.

A blessed Christmas to all!

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