Monday, December 27, 2010

In Honor of St. John, Evangelist and Apostle

I have the honor of being born on a saints' day, yet without the similar honor of acquiring the name. Apparently my dear mother was unaware of the important nature of this minor festival (being preoccupied with giving birth no doubt.) Nevertheless, on the occasion of my half-century mark in life, it seemed most appropriate to honor the saint whose name adorns this festival time. St. John was the only disciple of the original twelve whose day is marked by white on the altar since he is also the only one to escape martyrdom. The icon on the wall of my office notes this saint as "the theologian." Given my vocation as pastor and the additional graduate work I am pursuing in theology, it seems appropriate that I share this day with the beloved apostle and teacher of the church. I pray that I may learn from him and his devotion to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ through the exalted words of his gospel, and by God's grace grow as a theologian reaching at least a portion of the stature of this great servant of the church.

In honor of St. John, with greater honor to the "Word made flesh" of whom he witnessed!

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