Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dr. Matthew Becker Launches Blog Sites

Some time ago I bemused at the paucity of blogging done by those from more liberal theological convictions. Then The Creator's Tapestry resurrected the seemingly dormant Voices-Vision outlet, giving 'voice' once again to those pushing for more involvement of females in the ministerial leadership of Synod. The writing here has been, like my own blog as of late, rather lacking in consistent regular contributions, although after a hiatus since August a recent post has appeared dated December 2, offering a brief tribute to one of their own colleagues recently deceased.

Now, yet another from regions left of center has also appeared in the blogosphere. None other than the DayStar court theologian, Dr. Matthew L. Becker has launched his own site as well as a new replacement for the DayStar group, called "The DayStar Journal." His blog is entitled "Transverse Markings: One Theologian's Notes." You may link to his blog here. His latest article is "Women's Ordination and the LCMS Partner Churches," and is worth reading to gain an insight into the status of this issue, especially in the international churches with which we have fellowship. He takes President Harrison to task for the latter's firm stance against the Lutheran Church of Japan's possible intentions of endorsing women's ordination. It comes as no surprise that Becker praises what he views as a more open discussion on this topic outside of the LCMS, and disparages the climate in Missouri which is, from his point of view negative and attacking in its approach to dissenting views.

Dr. Becker, who now works from a safe haven in the liberal Valparasio University, represents what appears to be a new generation of those seeking to turn Missouri's ship into more 'open' waters friendly to causes of the Left. Although with a decidedly conservative administration, the reality in Missouri is that we are still a very divided church body, and DayStar exists in testimony to this. It will be interesting to follow him now that his views are readily available. Conservative readers will do well to bookmark his sites and keep a watch!

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