Friday, January 13, 2012

Daystar Journal Publishes Spring Articles

For those so interested, the liberal online journal Daystar has published two articles for its Spring issue.  The first is a reworked article by Dr. Matthew Becker entitled "An Argument for Women Pastors and Theologians."  The second is a response by Mr. David Domsch to concerns raised about his Fall article on fear in the LCMS.  The first article contains no surprises, but rather articulates again a liberal defense for women's ordination.  I find it interesting that Dr. Becker does not engage the work by established scholars in the LCMS and others who have written several substantial studies that argue against women's ordination, especially those printed in the CPH book Women Pastors: The Ordination of Women in Biblical Lutheran Perspective, now in, I believe, its third revision and printing. 

The second article gives some insight into the reasoning of those who are liberal yet remain within the LCMS.  Mr. Domsch, a layman, willingly admits that as a layman he is not a member of Synod and if the church to which he belonged left the Synod, so would he.  Yet he also paints a picture of the Synod as a place of broad belief and varied convictions (which no doubt reflects to some degree where many of our churches and clergy are truly at today), and a history marred by what he views as a political approach to theology.  Majority votes determine truth it appears.  It is true that majority votes do not determine truth and we probably rely on this too heavily when defending it.  Nevertheless, many of us hold to certain teachings of our church body not because they passed a vote at a convention, but because they reflect sound, scriptural truth.  We are not as concerned about a given convention as we are about the long, ongoing continuity of our confession.  Novelty often spells trouble in doctrine, and certain teachings, such as women's ordination, are historical novelties, as my previous post in December addresses. 

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