Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Sermon on the Proper Role of Sex

I will admit that I did not preach on the difficult Corinthian text this past Sunday.  Not that it didn't need to be preached.  In fact, given the culture in which we now live it needed to be preached more than ever.  I hope that, given its straightforward epistolary nature, the reading of it still communicated sufficiently to those who needed most to hear.

I was quite pleased, though, with one sermon on this text.  It was preached by Archbishop Dolan of New York.  Although delivered by a Roman Catholic cleric, I venture to suggest any Lutheran could nod approvingly to its message.  At least those conservative enough to appreciate the exclusive role of sex within a life-long, monogamous, heterosexual union.  Archbishop Dolan is to be commended for framing the subject in the context of divine love, thus allowing the gospel to predominate.

If you would like to hear the sermon, go to this page of his archived homilies.  Click on January 15.

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