Monday, February 13, 2012

Dr. Becker and His Dissent

Dr. Matthew Becker has formally dissented from two areas of teaching in Synod, which he submitted to the CTCR.  Their response is now public, as his response to them.  You can read about it all in his most recent blog article, "Dissent in the LCMS."  The CTCR response to his dissent and further commentary on the nature of his dissent can be found here.  I highly recommend anyone who has followed my commentary on Becker's theology to read both of the documents at the CTCR site linked above.  They speak for themselves and in a way far superior to any additional commentary from me.  As I understand it now, any further written dissent on his part will be forwarded directly to his ecclesiastical supervisors (district president and synodical president), who are then obligated to follow through on appropriate discipline.  I am pleased that the church has spoken clearly and firmly against his interpretations and theology.

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