Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where the Women Were During the House Contraception Mandate Hearing

If you have been keeping up with the recent political fallout on the federal government's contraception mandate, you may want to read this recent article in Christianity Today.  As many observers will note, the discussion has swung between issues of religious freedom and women's rights.  So it was to be expected that someone would cry foul at the House hearing when the table did not include representative women.  The author, Maggie Karner, works for the LCMS, and so she brings a voice both of women and the Synod.  Surprisingly for some she wasn't bothered by a lack of women on the panel. 

A 'taste' of her article can be gained by this choice quote:
As a woman, I was embarrassed by the cry of "Where are the women?" because I don't give a rip what gender is speaking about religious freedom as long as it is being addressed. It matters to us all—at least I thought it did. It certainly did to our Founding Fathers who penned the Constitution. And it certainly did to my ancestors who came to this country over a hundred years ago to find the freedom to exercise their faith in a robust and unencumbered way. Rep. Maloney's, and others', insistence that this is primarily a matter of "women's health" is an intentional (although I must say, masterful) attempt to redefine the argument, gain liberal momentum, and detract from the critical issue at hand.

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