Thursday, March 22, 2007

Devotional Resources

I will confess that my devotional life needs improvement. However, I am trying. Every morning I am fairly disciplined to check my emails, so recently I have Incorporated a brief devotional moment at that time by reading the Daily Devotion on the LCMS website. It includes a psalm and one additional reading, plus a short devotional thought on the second reading.

There are many fine devotional resources available, and I have tried several. One of my favorites is the four volume set For All the Saints: A Prayer Book For and By the Church (First Printing 1996). It is published by the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau. The full text for Morning and Evening Prayer is included in each volume, along with the entire psalter and four readings a day, again the full text as opposed to just the reference. The four readings include an Old Testament reading, an Epistle reading, a Gospel reading and a fourth reading from a Christian theologian or writer, embracing many from ancient times as well as modern.

Pastor Peter Bender's Concordia Catechetical Academy has also published a fine devotional work by Pastor Burnell Eckardt entitled Every Day I Will Bless Thee: Meditations for the Daily Office. The devotional thoughts are very straightforward, simply explaining or expanding on the concepts in the reading appointed for that day. One psalm is appointed for the week, but is not included. A form for family devotions is included at the beginning of the book. The 536 page book includes the entire church year and festivals.

Do you have a resource that you have found particularly helpful in your own devotional life?

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Paul T. McCain said...


Hymnal: Matins and Vespers
Hymnal: The Litany

God Grant It -- devotions by CFW Walther -- fantastic resource.