Thursday, March 1, 2007

Northwoods Blizzard of 07

After missing the brunt of one major storm after another, the "northwoods" where I live, has finally been hit. As I write this post the winds are howling and pummelling my house with fine grit snow, and creating drifts that look like beach front sand drifts beside the sea. And this is just the start of it, I'm told. By late this afternoon we'll be hit with the larger storm front. But I am safe inside with no reason to go anywhere. God has provided me with a solid house and plenty of food. My kids are all home, since school was called off this morning. I wonder how my predecessors fared a century ago out here when it could take the better part of a day to make it to town by horse and sled - if you could get out! I have a lot of respect for those early missionary pastors who rode by horseback to visit scattered parishes in the still rugged woodlands in the late 1870's, where paved roads where unheard of, and you were always exposed to nature's fury. By comparison, I've got it easy.

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The Heresy Hunter said...

Blizzard? What's a blizzard - an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen?

Being from Canada, I'm well acquainted with blizzards!

Charlotte, NC