Thursday, March 1, 2007

Update on the Jesus Family Tomb Story

I knew that it would not be long before Dr. Paul Maier would come out with something in response to the story of the so-called discovery of Jesus' bones. Rather than summarize, I'll simply give you the link. It's a letter in a pdf file where Dr. Maier lists several reasons why Christians need not be concerned about the upcoming James Cameron documentary or his claims. Go here. There are also two responses from the St. Louis seminary: a response by Prof. Kloha, and another called "The Tomb of Jesus: The Perfect Storm."

Finally, you might also want to check out Mollie Ziegler's blog, GetReligion, and the couple of articles she has written on this subject. Mollie is a rare bird: a confessional Lutheran who happens to also be a professional journalist. Her blog is worth tagging for future reference!

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