Sunday, December 4, 2011

"The Creator's Tapestry" Transitions into "Ordain Women Now"

A while back a website was formed in reaction to the LCMS's Commission on Theology and Church Relation's document "The Creator's Tapestry."  This document discussed the roles of women from a biblical point of view as understood in the Missouri Synod.  Predictably some disagreed with this document and established a site to address it, having been largely unsuccessful in getting the powers that be to seriously change their views or revise the document.  Although one could readily guess the underlying sentiment of the website and its author's, it appeared that the initial goal was simply to open the discussion about the role of women in the church.  That has now changed.  Although the address still lists the site as "," the new title proclaims: "Ordain Women Now in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod."   To their credit they are at least fully honest about their true intent.

Although it is no surprise to me, the site is now clearly linked with Dr. Matthew Becker and his blog, as well as the Daystar Journal, both of which have been reviewed by the Northwoods Seelsorger.  In the past such views were kept largely hidden from public view.  Now they are very much in the open.  Dr. Becker has commented on multiple discussion boards/blog sites, being very forward in his conviction that women should be ordained.  The reaction from conservative/confessional lay people and pastors has been resistive, and the reaction of officials in the Synod....well, it appears silent for now.  He is free to proclaim contrary to Synod's positions very publicly as often as he desires without any repercussion. 

By following the link above you can visit and review the site for yourself.  The rhetoric remains predictable, so no new review is needed here.  One point, however, can be noted.  A couple of the articles ascribe "fear" to the motivation of the LCMS for not moving forward with desired change in the synod, especially in ordaining women.  Unfortunately this demeaning interpretation is applied to all who oppose the changes for which they clamor, assuming we are just too afraid to do what is right. In other words, we are cowards, holding back to save face. To correct this misinterpretation, let me state as clearly as possible that many of us in the Missouri Synod oppose the ordination of women, not out of craven fear of change, but out of deep commitment to the Word.  If anything we are fearful of offending our holy God and the Truth.  It is too bad that they cannot respect this motivation, even if they disagree with it.  I have no doubt that many of those who desire this change may be equally committed to what they view as truth.  They are wrong, and I am will call it as such.  But to ascribe further motivation is often risky, as we must delve into the unseen reaches of a person's mind and heart.  So, please, at least give us credit for our convictions and leave fear out of it.

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