Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seelsorger Discovers the Advantage of the E-reader

For my 51st birthday my wife blessed me with the gift of a Nook, the e-book reader created by Barnes and Noble.  Many of you have probably long since discovered this technological tool, but the Seelsorger often lags behind the pack (Confession: I have yet to send a text message from my phone.  Goal for 2012.)  At any rate I have come to truly appreciate the benefits of this device.  Not wanting to spend a lot and finding the Barnes and Noble site very workable to find books, I began to explore the many offerings available for bargain prices.  What an amazing treasure trove of classics!  Works by Luther and other reformers, plus an abundance of works by several church fathers, are all accessible for just under a dollar.  Admittedly, the translations are not the most recent, and many of the books are public domain, some dating back many decades.  Nevertheless, for a small budget you can amass a nice portable library with the flexibility of adding many other documents and books as you are able. I have only begun to explore, so I'm sure there are several undiscovered features yet to be found.  Now, if I can just master texting...

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