Monday, December 26, 2011

Repristination Press

My wife also blessed me with a couple of smaller works from Reprisination Press, Why? A Layman's Guide to the Liturgy by Burnell Eckardt and Johann Konrad Wilhelm Loehe: Portrait of a Confessional Lutheran by D. Richard Stuckwisch.  I have purchased books from Repristination before and have watched as their inventory has grown over the years, eventually branching out from reprints and translations into more recent original publications.  I get regular updates and sales offers, so I see the works as they become available.  They have been especially helpful in providing valuable reprints and translations of Gerhardt and other authors from the Age of Orthodoxy.  If you are unaware of them or have never visited their site, take a moment and peruse the many fine offers at Repristination Press

The introduction on their main page reads:

Repristination Press was started in Fort Wayne, Indiana in June of 1993, beginning publication with several books by Wilhelm Loehe, Charles Porterfield Krauth, and other works by 19th century Lutheran theologians. Over time, Repristination Press has become a leading publisher of English translations 16th and 17th century Lutheran theology, including works by Johann Gerhard, Nicolaus Hunnius, David Chytraeus, and J.A. Quenstedt.  Repristination Press has been located in Texas since 1998.

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