Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Christmas Not Scarce in This Part of the North

According to an AP article today, "Dreams of a white Christmas are hanging by a thread in the North, where unusually mild weather has left the ground bare in many places...."  Well, for those suffering with a green or brown Christmas, those of us up here in the "Northwoods" tundra section of the lower 48 will have a white Christmas.  Sorry to rub it in if your place is unseasonable mild, but northern Wisconsin is once again magically blanketed with a pleasant covering of frosty white.   To all who stop by to read - Merry Christmas!

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Pr Mark Henderson said...

Our Christmas Day -now drawing to a close - was "unseasonably mild" with a maximum of only 25 celsius! Normally we'd expect it to be up to 29.

A blessed Christmas, Donald.