Monday, December 26, 2011

My New Reading Project for The New Year

After seeing the book at conferences and bookstores and passing it up, I finally determined that it was high time to stop neglecting it.  So when my dear wife asked for suggestions for Christmas I put Charles Porterfield Krauth's The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology on the list.  Even as the holiday quickly approached she was able to locate a copy on and I am now the proud owner of this 800+ page tome.  Having given her the CPH information I was surprised when I opened it up and looked for Dr. Larry Rast's preface and it was not there.  Come to find out this theological gem is part of the public domain and more than one publishing company has printed it.  My copy comes from Nabu Publishers, published in 2010, and is a public domain reprint. One reviewer of the CPH reprint notes that "They simply reprinted the old book, they didn't bother scanning it, OCR-bridging it and then using a cleaner typeface, which would make this much more readable."  Apparently my copy was from one that was scanned and the typography seems good.  Google Books also has a free ebook copy for those who wish to take this route.  For myself I still prefer an actual bound book in my hands.  However I am open to the e-readers out there such as Kindle.  Eventually I'll break down and buy one.

By the way, do any of the readers that stop by here know where I could find a copy of Dr. Rast's preface?  I would like to read it.

I know many others long ago discovered Krauth's gem.  However, it's still nice to find new treasures and I look forward to benefiting from this theologian's insights. 

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